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Emile Bourgeois Paris Limoges Old Vienese Leaf Oval 13 1/2" Serving Platter

Emile Bourgeois Paris Limoges Old Vienese Leaf Oval 13 1/2

In 1862 Emile Bourgeois took an eighteen year lease on 21 Rue Drouot, Paris and opened ‘Le Grand Depot’ becoming the exclusive importer for Minton, Copeland, Wedgewood. Within 5 years his business had flourished and he had popular designs copied in England and manufacturered with his own marks.

This serving platter has the classic Grand Depot China Marks and probably dates from the 1880's the Old Vienese Leaf design and milky white porcelain is typical of continental porcelain. The factory mark is not indicated but the trio originate from a set marked as Limoges.

13 1/2" long 9" wide and mid point, depth 1 1/8"

The delicate leaf edge is particularly attractive against the white porcelain and is typical of the Biedermeier period. It highlights the unique quality of the surface and the transparent whiteness of the porcelain

Price: 38.00

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